God Is Good

There is a very common Christian cliché circulating among churches, small groups, and others: “God is good.”

And yes, God is good.

But there is one problem with this quote: our definition of good.

Our definition of good can apply to the decent, okay, or even mediocre things of life – think ice cream, TV shows, or a three-out-of-five star rating.

But the truth is, God is awesome, amazing, great, marvelous, spectacular, holy, magnificent, and so many more adjectives I don’t have time to come up with.

Yes, He is good.

But generally, if we say something’s good, we mean that it stops at good and doesn’t get any better. There’s a limit to it.

Here’s an example: If I really, really liked the mint chocolate chip ice cream at a particular restaurant, I would likely choose an adjective such as “awesome” or “delicious.” If I called it good, people would assume I mean good and no better, and that I really didn’t like it as much as I did.

Theoretically, I could call the ice cream good. After all, it is. But I likely wouldn’t choose that adjective to describe it because people would assume I meant good and no better.

Is this making any sense?

When we say “God is good,” we are definitely speaking truth! But we also have to understand that in our culture, saying “God is good” isn’t going to cut it.

God reaches way beyond our understanding of good, amazing, marvelous, or any of the other adjectives I’ve listed. And although I’m not trying to ban “God is good,” as I think it serves as a good reminder, we have to understand that saying “God is good” doesn’t really mean much to believers anymore, let alone unbelievers.

Just spend some time thinking on it…

And remember that God is good – all the time!


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