Putting Down Roots

Where are your roots planted?

If you traced the roots of your beliefs or yourself back, where would they end up?

Do you take your root identity or pride from anything other than Jesus?

Here’s a list I’ve compiled that you have to make sure you do not have your roots or pride in:

  • Jewish or Hebrew roots
    • Prayer shawls
    • Speaking Hebrew
    • Taking pride in going to Israel
    • The Star of David
  •  Any revival that has happened in the past
    • Azusa Street
    • Toronto Blessing
    • Welsh Revival
    • or any others
  • Your “home” country
    • The “founding fathers of America”
    • Worshipping or exalting the leaders of the country
    • Taking pride in or pledging to the flag
    • A boat that was used to carry pilgrims a few hundred years ago
    • The Sons or Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Your denomination and its roots
  • National locations
    • National monuments
    • Beautiful tracts of land that the government owns
    • Memorials to people that are dead and therefore cannot be honored
  • Your “heritage”
    • The country your family originally came from
    • The fact that the rest of your family is or is not Christian
    • Whether or not your lineage is royal
    • Famous people you are directly descended from
  • Or anything or anyone that you might take pride in

You can’t be a citizen in two different Kingdoms…

Be careful that the only thing you boast in and/or claim your roots are in is Jesus!!  🔥🔥🔥🔥




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