Update on Life and Some Site Changes

¡Hola y’all!


Update on Life:

I hope everything is going well in your lives. Meanwhile, we have been having some pretty neat experiences in South Dakota.

We have done some inner healing and deliverance, and I have been very blessed to play and sing some songs I know and/or am learning in a local church a few Sundays in a row.

Although it was in the plans to change up this Sunday and go on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation to visit a missionary friend’s church out there, and then run by another missionary friend’s place on the way back out here, that was not to be.

As we departed the house, going down our long, steep downward driveway, turning onto our gravel road with a grand total of 3 houses on it (including us), and then turning left onto the other gravel road, our van starts sounding weird.

And so my mechanic-expert-dad pulled the van over at the corner and began to start and restart. None of his driving tricks worked.

So my dad and I (being the daddy’s girl apprentice mechanic that I am….) walked down the road and uphill with the dogs.

We started right to work shifting things around clearing the way for our ancient 4Runner we got forever ago, but still runs decent. Then we drove off and began to tow the van uphill with my dad’s strong rope. (Also daddy’s girl on knot-tying and rope-using: I’m practically a knot and paracord nut)

And then we went inside and chillaxed. I’m so glad our salvation isn’t dependent on church, as helpful as it is.

Oh, and I finally finished ninth grade!!! And I’m done with my Algebra 1 course (that I’ve been working on for 3 weeks nonstop 11 hours a day without any other courses) forever!!! Yay! I finished 4 hours before my deadline, and then (somewhat predictably) ate pizza and read.


Site Updates:

  • My site name

The ungrammaticalness (I know, I know. That’s not a word) of Elle Everyday bugged me. So I changed it ever so slightly so it’s at least remotely grammatical and yet not so terribly different from what y’all know

  • My tagline

Yep. I felt that with a different site name, a different tagline was in order. Besides, my old one wasn’t catchy. So I chose my favorite Bible verse, which kind of illustrates our current lifestyle.

  • My front page

I changed my front page so that you can’t read my full post scrolling down the page; rather, you’ll see an excerpt and a Continue Reading button. Then again, at this point in the post you would’ve already clicked that, so never mind. My hopes are that it will make things more concise and easy to find.

That said, have a great night!


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