Unanswered Questions

There are so many unanswered questions in today’s society.

There are questions about God and if one exists.

There are questions about friends and peer pressure.

There are questions about relationships.

There are questions about family and divorce.

And there are countless other questions that I simply cannot list for the sake of brevity.

But the truth is – every single one of those questions has an answer.

And the strange thing is is that they all have one answer – the same exact one.

His name is Jesus.

The answer to all of society’s unanswered questions is found in Him alone. He doesn’t just give the answers, He is the answer. And the only meaningful one you’ll ever find in life.

You likely have questions right now.

But know that unless you get Jesus, you will never find the true Answer.

Although I cannot answer all your questions, nor do I claim to, Jesus can be your Answer in life, and I ask you to truly consider His consistent, humble plea.

We love you, and He does too.



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