I’m A….

A new fresh word from my dad as posted on his Facebook page:

I’m a….

Many times we use the phrase “I’m a …” to describe our title or function at a job, OR what we’ve accomplished through academic or personal accomplishments, to show we’ve met some sort of industry standards sometimes arbitrarily set by an agency, education or government, OR we identity ourself with some kind of feeling, emotion, belief, handicap or what other people say.

In ANY of the proclaimed titles, the question is, what do you get or receive from it?
Somehow, do you receive your identity from that title? Be honest.
What kind of emotions or feelings do you receive when you associate yourself as being that?
Does it give you pride, cause you to boast or think higher of yourself?
Or, does it make you feel belittled, sad, down, unaccomplished, worthless?

Jesus is the Great I AM. When we humble ourselves, repent and receive Him, He becomes our EVERYTHING. Our identity no longer resides in man’s creditentialing or our feelings. It resides all in Him. The most and honorable thing we can say about ourselves is that we’re a servant and ambassador for Christ Jesus.

See, our identity and purpose changes when we receive Him as our Savior. We are no longer our own and now live for Him alone. Someone may give us a title or the one we already had, but no longer is that our identity. We are now sons and daughters of the King, the Creator and Redeemer of the universe. The Great I AM.

Are you confused who or Whose you are? Do you feel pride or worthlessness because of “what” you do in man’s eyes? Do you carry the weight and pressure from a position or title, and you take glory in it? Most importantly, would you like it to change???

Humble yourself and repent. Allow Holy Spirit to do something new in your life. It doesn’t matter who you think you are. He can put purpose back in your life as a child of the King. His Name is above every NAME.

Whether your title is pastor, apostle, doctor, lawyer, teacher, professor, judge, janitor, handicapped, lazy, just “plumb sorry,” and no matter how many degrees, certificates, licenses or ordinations you have or don’t have, humble yourself and realize you’re nothing more and nothing less than a sinner in need of a Savior. Receive your Blood-bought identity in Him today as His Chosen.

We love you!

J, D & E

So you too, when you do all the things which are commanded of you, say, “We are unworthy servants; we have done only that which we ought to have done.” ~Luke 17:10


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