Fire Evangelism

From Brother Isaac Prather (our missionary friends from Nica that are now evangelizing in Florida):


In the church today, we have to much talk and not enough action.  When we read the gospels, and we see the ministry of Jesus, He taught the people, He preached the gospel of the Kingdom, but He also ministered the fire of the Holy Spirit to the multitudes, burning up sickness and diseases, burning out demons, burning up the spirit of death, until the dead were raised to life again, burning up leprosy, until those affected by it were completely restored and could live a normal life.

Jesus never intended for such ministry to end when He went to the cross.  And it didn’t.  We only need to read the book of Acts to see Jesus in action again–this time through His chosen apostles who went forth in His name, and had been endued with power from on high.  The miracles continued.  And so masses came to Jesus and…

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