Jesus in Blue Ridge

Love the last few paragraphs 🙂

Elle's Everyday

Hey y’all! I had an amazing day today! My family (My mom, my dad, Germano and Dani (the Brazilians who live with us), and their baby daughter) and I joined a group of friends from up here on a Gospel-sharing endeavor to Blue Ridge, Georgia, which is about an hour away from me. We went up to the Walmart and hoisted a sign up in the air which read “Jesus Loves You!” on one side and “Do You Need Prayer?” on the other.

Soon after arriving, we found a small road leading out from Walmart’s parking lot, which happened to be the only entrance and exit to Walmart. It was at a small intersection of the exit to the main road and the Walmart road. It also happened to be right in front of a Murphy’s, which is Walmart’s gas station. That said, it was a perfect place to be…

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