Still Wanting Poll Answers….

Hey y’all!

Thanks so much for the great turn-out lately on my blog and regarding the vlog poll. Please, if you have not taken this poll, please take it, even if you’re not in favor of a vlog. I’d like to have everyone’s input.

If you have taken this poll, thank you sooo much! Your recommendations, input, and other comments mean so much in regards to the development of this vlog. I’m really looking forward to getting some good cameras (we have a bagillion; I’m just not sure where they are and which to use) and good apps and getting everything set up for the development of such a vlog!

Again, I still need your input as to what apps to use, etc. Make sure you submit your suggestions through this poll, or I might not get them or have them in one place. Thanks!

I gotta go start school, but thanks so much for your great input. Keep it up!



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