Wanted: You

Jesus wants you.

Not only does He love you, He desperately wants you. He wants to have an intimate relationship with you; to walk so closely to you that you never have a doubt what He wants you to do.

He is so jealous after you.

How He Loves by Crowder does a pretty nifty job of explaining the jealousy thing.


If you are a believer, that may not mean so much.

But it should.

Because he wants a deep relationship with you that no church or works or rituals or conference or pastor or bishop or communion or denomination or friend or mentor could provide – supplement, at the most.

He wants you so deeply, it’s like a craving within a pregnant woman that she cannot deny.

He so wants you, it’s like a groaning and a weeping when He doesn’t have you in a close relationship.

But not only does he desperately want you with Him, He wants you on His heavenly army.

Not an army of hate or war, but of sheer, unconditional love like none can express within the limits of human vocabulary, rather in English, Finnish, or even Hebrew or Greek.

He wants you in an army of faith that does not back down, even in the fiercest of storms.

He wants you in that difficult army of Acts 20:24, willing to give up every single bit of your life – and not just that, but getting to the point where it means nothing to you.

How about the army of never being ashamed – the one that will not back down because of reputation, social classes, or just sheer shame or embarrassment. Will you approach the lost with a burden in your heart that they might actually go to hell. Yes, there, H-E-double-hockey-sticks.

Are you in this army? Are you walking in an intimate relationship with Him?

Or are you still on a heavenly Wanted poster known only to Jesus and His servants?


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