Lovett Mission Update Vlog?


It has been an interesting journey here lately, and we are waiting on guidance for our next steps, rather that be moving on from South Dakota to another location for now, or sticking here for a bit longer. It all depends on what the Lord leads, but for now, we’ve had a pretty neat, yet challenging time here in South Dakota.

I have personally been thinking about starting a family vlog. For those that prefer watching and getting more detailed and interactive mission updates, you can retreat to there. It’ll give more of a real-life feel, as if you’re there. Then, I can blog about stories and updates as well. It wouldn’t be so much an Elle Everyday vlog, but a collection of our family ministry lives.

I’ve been thinking about such an adventure for several months now, but I haven’t been sure. When we went from Nicaragua to Georgia, I slapped myself for not making a vlog there and recording all the awesomeness. That way, you could have true chicken bus experiences at home, and feel the excitement of the streets there and ministry. I soon forgot about it in the flurry of America, but I once again found myself greeted with a slap on the way home from Alaska. What an opportunity missed! But it’s not worth a guilt trip, I told myself.

Since then, the idea has stuck with me, popping its head up every so often when our family does something very vlog-worthy, whether it be a great burst of humor, riding through Alberta with white hats and big grins on our faces and waves on our hands to all passersby (like we would do that – ha), gorgeous scenery, or an amazing time of ministry or an authentic experience.

But it’s not just my opinion that counts. I would like to collect your opinion as well. Between that and some prayer, I believe I will be able to make a decision of sooner or later. This seven-question poll should take no more than a minute, so PLEEEEAAAASE take it. It would mean a lot to have a big base of answers, so please take and share this poll, especially with people who know us/ know a lot about vlogging or video editing.

Thanks a whole bunch for your input and prayers. Love y’all!


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