Drinking the Cup

Hey y’all!
You probably know by now that I loooove dredging up awesome and great blogs from the past, and even though it has been only about four months since I originally posted this on Elle Everyday, I had to share it again. Please read this through. Reread whatever you have to. Read slowly and carefully; don’t skim. Get the point of every sentence, and allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you in His still, small voice. When you’re done, share this on social media, text/email/Messenger/DM to friends who you think will be touched by the message, and do whatever other technologically savvy thing I don’t know of. Share the message. Let’s see it reach the ends of the earth. Challenge other Christians to fulfill the Great Commission (search for Great Commission on my site for great info about that) and drink the cup. Are you willing to drink the cup?

Elle's Everyday

This morning we visited a church called Iglesia La Fuente. We’re staying in the basement of the pastor’s son, who speaks perfect English, and the church is set up as a bilingual church. It has all the lyrics to the songs in both English and Spanish, and the sermon is always translated by either a man or woman in the back, whose words are broadcast to the entire English-speaking crowd through headsets, or, if there’s more people than headsets, an interpreter will stand at the front and translate.

It was at this church that the Lord began to speak to me about drinking the cup. Of course, we all hear fancy, polished sermons about eating the body and drinking the blood of Christ, or about the fact that not too many of us would actually drink the cup of Christ.

We know this stuff.

But somehow, during this service, the…

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