Interview Update + Brother Isaac’s Poem + Loving Everyone

Hey y’all! Sorry about the interview delay. She just got back to me that her week has been and her weekend is busy and she’ll be getting back to me next week, so you can most likely expect the interview sometime before next Saturday.

Y’all that have kept up with us in Nicaragua may have heard the name Isaac Prather. he was one of our wonderful missionary friends there. The family is now living in the States doing crusades and other ministry. Please keep them in prayer as they share the Gospel. He sent out a poem the Lord had given to him in prayer in a newsletter, and it was so good I wanted to share it on my blog. So here goes:

“There’s someone who’s hurting. There is someone who is crying. There is someone who is lost. Someone’s hope is dying. There is someone so lonely they don’t know what to do. She once had a family. But now at 92, her husband is buried, her only child too.She is waiting on someone-she’s waiting on you! There is someone who’s looking for a way out of sin. They have ruined their life, and have not a friend. They’re looking for answers. They’re ready to hear, there’s a Savior who loves them, and if they’ll draw near, He’ll forgive all their sins and fill them with hope, change their desires, and free them from dope. These people are waiting on someone to come, someone to tell them what Jesus has done. Jesus Christ has paid the price. To comfort souls is His delight. To give new life is why He came. To take our sins and blot out our shame. To give us a friend like none we have known. To show us a love like none we’ve been shown. Yet, still so many of God’s own sons rarely share what Christ has done. We need to be praying, “Lord, lead us to those, ready to listen, ready to turn, ready to change, and ready to learn. The Lord is looking for someone to go and spend their time bringing lost sheep to the fold. If you will pray, “Lord, send me please-I want to go to the least of these!” Jesus will guide you and lead you to them, so you can go tell them “Be free from your sins!” He gave you His name to set captives free! That’s why He came and He died on a tree! Go cast out demons and go heal the sick! Go preach repentance, while the clock still ticks. Hell is enlarging and time’s almost gone. But you were born NOW for a reason-BE STRONG! Don’t be distracted by what does not matter. Don’t let Christ come and your garments be tattered. When He comes, be burning with Holy Ghost fire,
clothed in white and spotless attire. Live a holy life, and snatch souls from the fire, hating the garment spotted by flesh, living for Jesus instead of your self.
CB#: 850-508-3698


Isn’t that awesome?!?


I also had a bit of my own to share. Please consider what I’m saying 🙂

The other night I was reflecting upon the fact that we as Christians are to love. And many times, we do.

We love the hurting, the broken, and the hungry.

We love the hopeless and the people who don’t know Jesus yet.

We love people, some more than others, but most Christians have some element of love.

But as I reflected, I began to think: do we actually love everyone like we say we do?

As we talk to the homeless, we are perfectly satisfied with our love for others.

But when we think of the radical Muslims, what fills our minds?

Most likely, hate.

But Jesus has called us to be like Him and love others like Him. He loved everyone.

The radical Muslims or the passionate atheists or anyone else are not the enemy. They are not be hated.

These people are desperate souls crying out for love and for Jesus.

We all have a void without God, and these people also have one.

They are human beings that Jesus loves and even though their sins will send them to hell if they do not recognize Jesus before their deaths, that was not Jesus’ will.

For us to judge radical Muslims or atheists or any other group or individual is to say we are better than Jesus, who loved everyone, even the murderer and thief on the cross.

We must be careful that we do not judge those who Jesus loves. It is not our job to judge those people – just Jesus’.

If you do not know Jesus but desire to, repent of your sins today and turn to Him – He loves you SOOO much!!

If you do know Jesus and desire to grow in your relationship with Him, consider following the command known as the Great Commission in your own everyday life – and don’t judge anyone whom Jesus loves. Rather, I encourage you to pray for these people and consider your life worth nothing (Acts 20:24) as long as you get to witness.

We love you, but Jesus loves you more!


See ya!


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