I Have a Dream


Note: In 8th grade Social Studies I had to do a report requiring me to write my own “I Have a Dream” speech. I did it on something we had been studying and went by it without thinking about much afterward. But the Lord just compelled me to write another one. Here goes:


I have a dream.

I have a dream that there is a gathering in which people are genuinely seeking and are part of that remnant of Christ Jesus.

I have a dream that people will worship with abandon, not performance; with themselves, not their tight skirts, high heels, or cool jeans; with words from the Holy Spirit, not scripted lyrics; with the voices coming out of their heart, not the voices coming out of their larynx.

I have a dream that people will fellowship with one another in a genuine way. They will share with one another what the Lord has placed on their hearts and genuinely love one another – not because the people have been told to hug or shake hands or say “hi,” but because they genuinely love and care for one another and want to be together on the narrow road.

I have a dream that people will share the hope they have in Jesus – not by inviting people to church for Easter or Christmas or Mother’s Day, but by humbly and lovingly (like Jesus) taking people aside in everyday life, praying for them, loving them, and telling them that Jesus loves them.

I have a dream that people will renounce their faith in church and pastors and put it in Jesus; out of tithing and into giving all of themselves to Him; out of shiny TED Talks at the pulpit and into the personal and interpersonal revelations of the Holy Spirit; out of ordination and into the hard-hitting commandments for all in the Great Commission; out of organized outreach and into reaching out to a lost and dying world.

I have a dream that the Bride will awaken and become the Remnant!!

Thank you Jesus!


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