The True Church: What It Is & What It’s Not + Your High Calling: What’s Your True Destiny

Well, I finally found time to reblog another one of my old treasures… PLEASE read this one blog. Even if you pay no attention to any of my other posts, please read this one. Pray about what is said. I pray it will change your life.

Elle's Everyday

Background Story:

I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long! Between school and being sick, I’ve been really busy.

But, I do have a bit of revelation to release. It is my desire to slowly begin incorporating more revelation and less words 🙂 I think this time around I’m doing a two-in-one revelation time because they’re so tied in to each other. It’ll be a bit of a letter format, so it can be used on other websites. Feel free to share.

Here goes:

I just wanted to give a bit of a shout out to everybody today… Somewhat of a wake-up call.

The Great Commission NEVER tells us to belittle ourselves, think others are above us somehow, or that we are not qualified. It never told us to “Go into All the World and Plant Churches and Build Houses.” Granted, many Bible verses instruct us to care and serve for…

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