Moment by Moment

Hey! Just found this post and figured I’d repost it… I just uncovered SOOO many posts that I would repost, but I don’t have time 😦

Hope you enjoy!!


Elle's Everyday

Hey y’all!

First, I’ve been making some slight improvements to my About page; including some of my dreams, incorporating some stuff I forgot about, etc. Check it out!

Second, January is a big month for Elle Everyday, and I just know it’s going to be a big year! I know we have a lot planned for the year, and I hope God uses us exponentially, as is my hope every moment. Check out the Elle Everyday Calendar to see some of our celebrations this month, and stay tuned here on Elle Everyday to learn about our travels and missions.

Third, you don’t have to wait for New Years to make a change! Jesus has new mercies every morning for all of us, and if you’re human, you probably make good use of them. God didn’t set Adam and Eve in a garden where they were supposed to make big changes…

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