Feeling Better!

Hey y’all!

I’ve been feeling much better lately – so much better that I’ve been walking, planning, visiting, singing, etc. like normal!

I just have a couple things to still keep in prayer.

  1.  My throat isn’t really sore that much anymore, but it’s red with white splotches. I also have occasional joint pain, but it’s nothing like the excruciating pain I experienced when I was sick. I’ve also been randomly getting dizzy, and I’ve been somewhat fatigued lately. So not sure if that’s just some lasting symptoms or what, but we bought some antibiotics to knock it all out once and for all.
  2. I’m not sure if y’all remember my wrist problems, but they’ve gotten much worse lately. There’s so much inflammation it can’t go back all the way and sometimes it’s in pretty severe pain. You can see that it swelled as well, if you look close. But apparently my nerves are having a cow, and today, while sitting in a conference, it started migrating. Suddenly a certain place on my right forearm started to hurt, especially when I would rub the nerve so the pain signals wouldn’t travel to my wrist. Then my upper right arm. Then the nerve on your back but kind of in your armpit and under your shoulder blade. Then full on below my shoulder blade. And slowly it migrated to the other side. It followed the same path and began to affect the left. Thankfully, the inflammation on the left wrist was spared. So I took Tylenol and put my inflammation medicine on my wrist. But it still hurts. Please pray. Thank you 🙂



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