Hey y’all!

I know many of you are probably searching for updates about the trip, and here you will find them!

This morning, we awoke at 4:00 A.M.  to eventually set off for the Atlanta airport at right around 5:30 with a close friend of ours. After the long trek down to the airport was completed, we boarded our Spirit Airlines flight to Fort Lauderdale at around 10:00 A.M. The lines were crazy!! It is now around 3:00 P.M and we are in Fort Lauderdale waiting out our 12 hour layover. We have endured over two hours of it so far, so that’s good.

And I know everyone complains about Spirit Airlines, but for the price, it’s really an amazing airline! None of the complaints came true on our first flight, and I don’t think they’re going to happen on the second flight. My family and I used to be spoiled with free standby Delta tickets, so this is a bit of a culture shock for us, but when you come expecting the worst, or at least not Delta level, it’s a lot better than what you would think.

In some ways, it’s even better than Delta! I know that on Delta the tickets are over 800 dollars, but on Spirit, the tickets for 4 adults, 1 twelve-year-old, and 1 toddler totaled up to around 600 dollars, along with extra baggage. Granted, it may not have all the fancy freebies, but when you think about it, it really doesn’t matter. If you want it, you can buy it. Makes it easier 🙂

If any of you happened to text me, you’re probably wondering why I didn’t answer you, as I normally answer my texts within a minute 🙂 Well, I had cracked my phone in the big ice/snowstorm about a week ago and dropped it in the driveway. We discovered it several hours later, cracked and soaked. So we immediately put it in rice in hopes that the phone would not absorb the moisture through its cracks.

And then we waited. Very nervously waited. And waited, and waited, and waited.

Suspense was prevalent.

And then, the next morning, when removed from the rice, the phone suddenly decides to start working perfectly! Praise the Lord!

Well, yesterday we went to a wings restaurant with some friends. My friend and I stepped into the bathroom. And I hear a plunk.

My mind immediately flew to the possibility that something fell in the toilet.

I began to slowly think about what could possibly fall in the toilet. My mind advances to the thought that my phone fell in the toilet.

And so I pat my pocket and turn around at the same time.

And with dread, realize that my pockets are empty and there is a rectangular black object sitting in the toilet.

I daringly reach in and snatch the black object.

I am grateful that the toilet was filled with water and water only.

At this point, I gingerly call out to my friend: “Bethany?”

I hear a reply: “Yes?”

“Um… <clears throat> I may have just dropped my phone in the toilet.”

At this time, I rush out to the main restaurant to find my mommy.

After some recovery attempts, my phone survived for one life. After which it died.

I noted that there was one small issue with the operation of the phone consisting of the phone thinking there were always headphones in it, which hinders it from being able to play any kind of sounds without headphones in it.

After this, it eventually died.

Ordinarily, you could recharge a dead phone. My phone is not ordinary.

Apparently the charging port is also damaged.

I am not particularly happy about this.

That said, I have two options:

  • Do what my mom did once and use one phone for the sole purpose of charging a battery, then trading the battery from this phone to the phone you use. And so the cycle continues.
  • Take my dad’s former phone (which happens to be the same phone I have) (he just got a new phone) and reload my SD card onto it.

All that to say that if you have texted me in the last 18 hours, I am not responding because my phone is broken. I will probably have it fixed by either of the above option in the next couple days. If you have been texting me on my number (not Viber, WhatsApp, etc.), I will be able to access your texts through my computer. Ordinarily, I would be able to access both Viber and WhatsApp, but in order to use either, you need a phone. And I currently am without access to a phone.

I just realized I spent most of this travel update talking about my phone.

Anyways, I hope to keep y’all updated with newsletters, emails, and blogs. Stay tuned!  🙂


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