Heading to Nicaragua!!!

Hey y’all!

I know it’s been forever since I blogged, but I’ve decided that I won’t stress out if I don’t blog every day. Instead, I’ll try to blog a couple times a week. I think that would be ideal, especially since in missions, we’ll be crazy busy.

Speaking of missions… We’re leaving in less than a week!

In the early morning of 1/23/2017, about 5:30 A.M. to be exact, we’ll be rolling out of Jasper once and for all. We’ll hopefully arrive at the Atlanta airport around 7:00 A.M. This will allow us the expected suggested three hours for international travel before our flight at 10:00 A.M to Fort Lauderdale, which will then dump us off for a 12 hour layover, which we pray will be full of harvest for the Kingdom.

Our goal is to be as useful as we can praying for people and sharing the Gospel in the airport and possibly around the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area for the day. Then, that night at 11:45, we will be departing for Managua to eventually arrive there at 1:19 the next morning.

Blog projects will probably be postponed slightly. I would really like to add a page titled “Why Jesus?” or something like that. And then maybe another tab about the true church and our callings.

But as of now, we are developing a ministry website, are selling CD’s, and wish to expand to T-shirts shortly. So far, our plan is to produce our English CD while we’re still here, which also has a small Portuguese feature, and then hopefully, while we are in Nicaragua, we’ll record and publish a Spanish CD. As our plans progress, we plan to have a Portuguese CD out soon after that. And we’ll see what languages from there on out. But of course, we are open to the Holy Spirit on all of those plans.

As soon as we get our website up, I’ll post it on here. And I don’t think I’ll be sending the regular newsletter out anymore. Hopefully, there will be one synced with the new EKLSIA website, which is our family/ministry, and I will still be blogging here. Also, there will be an EKLSIA blog that you can stay updated with. Through all those things, which will take different roles over time, you should be able to stay amply updated through the whole three months of missions work there.

However, if you are on Facebook, EKLSIA has a page there, and hopefully, there should be info for the website once it’s ready. You can view the EKLSIA Facebook page here.

Even though these plans sound amazing, we never know what the Lord is going to do. He is allowed in our book to wreck our plans however He wants to. We’re looking forward to His plans being manifest in our lives and ministry and we can’t wait to see people added to the Kingdom.

And despite the grandness in our minds, we know that the devil doesn’t like what we’re doing, so we need your prayers. Of course, it’s been my firm belief for a while now that when we as believers are about His business, He takes care of us. He is our shepherd, and He knows that when what we are doing has merit for the Kingdom, we are protected. Of course, since He loves us, His mercy will be extended and He will protect us and care for us even when we aren’t in the center of His will.

But because we are doing His ministry, we know we are safe and protected the whole time. However, we need your prayers because the devil is real and he is seeking to steal, kill, and destroy. As I have always done, I’ll give you a list of prayers here.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that all flights will be safe and blessed.
  • Pray that the harvest in the airports, planes, hotels and buses will be great for the Kingdom.
  • Pray that the demons of pride and fear will be bound in us.
  • Pray that all of us will be in good health for our travel and for our whole time there.
  • Pray that our pilots, co-pilots, and crew will be divinely blessed with a clear mind and decisive wisdom for the safety of us and all the passengers.
  • Pray that all of the mechanics will have a clear mind and report all possible issues to their superior.
  • Pray that all of the previous crew and mechanics will have treated the planes well.
  • Pray that we will be in peace and unity for the entire duration of the trip.
  • Pray that the Lord’s will be done in everything.
  • Pray that we will be receptive to the Lord’s nudging.
  • Pray that we will be free of shame.

I know that’s a lot to pray for, but please keep our prayers on your heart. Whenever you think of us, please pray for one or more of the above things. Thank you so much!


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