Some Important News

Hey y’all! I’m super sorry I’ve been so off and on lately… I’ve decided I’m going to make a concentrated effort to be here each day for a least a little bit, and the most likely time I’m going to be here is the late afternoons.

I’ve also decided to suspend all weekly polls, so my apologies to all those who have requested a poll to be done and I hadn’t got to it yet. I assure you that I had full intentions of completing and publishing your idea. I may do occasional fun polls about topics like how well you know me, or how the website’s doing lately, but they will most likely be on no regular basis, and suggested poll topics will not be used. If you have a topic you REALLY want to see done after you’ve gotten some idea of what these polls are like, please let me know.

As I’ve said before, I do plan to start a Contact Me page, which has gotten shoved to the back burner lately, but I do still plan to work on it.

And lastly, as for missions and travel, I plan to give you a short summary of my day every day, rather than the extensive description I did on past mission trips. If I have extra time, I may spend it getting some pressing revelations out there. I plan to slim down the amount of time spent with empty words and in the end, replace them with what Jesus has given me.

Please let me know if you have any suggestions!


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