Youth in Missions

Hey y’all! Sorry I’ve been taking so much time off from Elle Everyday lately… I didn’t feel very good at all, with fever, chills, and other nasty junk 😦 Still not feeling my best, but better. I’m beginning to look at World Race, part of Adventures in Missions. It’s a program for young adults to travel the world and experience what God has for them in missions. It’s SOOOO cool and I would like to do it when I graduate from flight school (which, looking at my current plans, would be at around age 18). They have various programs for various ages, but World Race has two programs, the Gap Year Program and the 11 in 11 program. Check it out at If you’re interested in other age groups, check out

Also, there’s another ministry called Operation Mobilization that I’m looking into. It looks really cool!!! World Race has more opportunities, but the beliefs presented by OM are a little more lining up with mine. I do like how World Race’s main thing is to present the Gospel to people, though.

I’m also considering a dream of mine involving youth and missions, but it would take a lot of coordination and time. So please be praying that if that needs to be done that I will be given the strength and courage to get it done and that I will be taken seriously despite my age 🙂

I gotta go, but thanks for listening!


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