Laughs!! + Poll

Hey y’all! I really meant to post Thursday and yesterday, but we had new musical opportunities open up on both days, so we were gone. Then, I wanted to post earlier, but I got carried away getting to know other blogger friends and after that, I got carried away reading info about the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament going on right now because I realized I’d missed two of the three semifinals!!! Both of the people I wanted to win lost, but I actually found a ukulele player! But she lost, too. Sooo, yeah.

Today’s poll day, so here‘s your poll: Siblings. Yeah.

And last week’s poll, Instruments, had three respondents, which isn’t too bad!

Two out of three respondents played instruments, and some of those included clarinet, guitar, piano, and ukulele. The ukulele’s rating was 7.33/10. That’s pretty pitiful. I gotta get back to my family and guest, but first please check out the following links, especially if you’re an aviation freak 😉


Okay, so I know that’s a lot of links, and I’m sorry, but they’re really funny 🙂

And here’s a hilarious video that my aviation instructor Ms. Meg sent referring to how her 12-year-old son and I (also twelve) get so humiliated when she and my mom dance in public:




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