New (And Late)

Please forgive me for my absence; I’ve been super busy. I’ll post our weekly poll right now just so we’re on the right track. This time, I’m going to see how much you know about me… I don’t really know if I’m looking forward to learning the answers, or dreading seeing how much y’all actually know about me – lol. 😛

First, I’m giving out those answers from last week’s poll. No, I’m not stalling. The results are as follows:

  • We had a vast variety of results regarding what the dream career is of the respondent, including everything from missionary pilot (I wonder who that was…) to veterinarian.
  • 1/3 of respondents actually knew what they wanted to be when they were five and stuck with it.
  • 100% of respondents picked missionary out of the following career choices: Missionary, engineer, filthy rich businessperson, and Olympian.

And second, here‘s the next poll, focused on how well you know me.

And I said I would talk about the fair (which was one week ago and I still haven’t talked about it), but I haven’t had the chance, so I’ll do that now. The only problem is… I have to start school. So here’s my summary of the fair: Very fun.

I gotta run, so please take the poll and don’t forget to take the Elle Everyday Survey as you see improvements and declines!!! Thanks 🙂


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