Festivals! + Survey

Hey y’all! So, there’s a lot going on here in Georgia festival-wise!! Just today, there’s the Georgia Marble Festival in Jasper, Georgia and the Maker Faire in Decatur, Georgia with plenty more county and community fairs! We’re heading to the Georgia Marble Festival today, then next week, on a weekday to avoid the lines, we’re heading to Cumming Country Fair and Festival. The latter is very fun to attend, with those ski lift – gondola thingies, Ferris wheels, and those swing-around-in-a-circle swing thingies. (One of the those swing-around-in-a-circle swing thingies goes up and down as it goes around. I almost threw up on that one. I thought I’d share that with you.) (I think I need to stop calling these thingies “thingies.” Maybe they actually have real names.)

The next weekly poll is on Faith. I have a feeling this poll will be slightly more popular than the last Geography poll. Find the Faith poll here.

The Geography poll was less than popular. I had two responses. One was from me. And the other was from my mom. I suppose I’ll share how right the two of us were?!?

So, according to this quiz, my mom and I are really good at state capitals. But my mom got the capital of Serbia wrong. (Yes, the capital of Serbia was a question) I feel awkward just sharing my and my mom’s geography skills. Maybe our future polls will turn out better. Maybe I should quit making quizzy polls. Maybe you’re tired of hearing maybe. Maybe I need to stop talking. Just maybe.



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