Harvest Day! + Survey + Results

Hey y’all! Turns out, I’m going tonight for sure to Harvest (see last post) with at least one friend (hereafter known as Friend #1) and his mom (hereafter known as Mom #1) and my whole household (which consists of me, my mom, my dad, and a Brazilian worship leader couple that moved in with us, along with the couple’s baby daughter), if not my other friend (hereafter known as Friend #2). Then, if Friend #2 goes, we can form a large group of kids by incorporating two brothers Friend #1 knows. This would put us at a group of five kids, all tweens and teens, accompanied by my parents, Mom #1, and our Brazilian friends. Get ready for chatter!! 😉

Today is also Survey Day!!! My latest poll, this time on Geography! YAY!! Or am I just the geography nerd in the room, and the rest of y’all don’t like it. No worries! I just wanna see how much y’all like it! 🙂 This poll can be found here. As for the survey results for last week, we again pulled in only two respondents. :-/ (Remember, I always take the poll when I make it to test it, and always count the results on my site) Results are as follows:

  • Woodlawn has a 5/5 rating from viewers
  • Frozen has a 2.50/10 rating
  • God’s Not Dead has a 5/5 rating as well

I gotta run because my computer’s screaming at me about battery again… See y’all later!!


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