More Exciting News!!

I have some exciting news!!! I am starting on my fourth book! So far my first one is titled Endless Passion, which is about breaking out of the religious status quo, the second one is Depression to Destiny, a salvation book which needs some heavy editing (UGH), and the third is Fearless, which is just what it sounds like. The fourth book is titled Complacent Christianity, my most controversial book so far. Soo, yeah!! I’m excited about where these books are going to take me and my family in our mission work. 🙂

Oh, and last week we (we being the three of our family, plus Dani, the wife in the family that moved in with us, and their daughter Lala who’s sixteen months old) met this group of teenagers coming out of their house with a ukulele (which immediately caught my attention, being a ukulele player) and we quickly learned that they were a praise band that meets on Thursday night to practice. There were only about half of them there, but we had an amazing time of worship in the cul-de-sac. That said, we are meeting tonight at their house hopefully to join in with their practice. This time though, we hope to bring Dani’s husband Germano, a guitar player, with us.

I gotta go, but make sure you take this week’s poll and the Elle Everyday Survey!!


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