100th Post: Survey Results + New Weekly Survey

Hey y’all! It’s that time of the week! Warning: this is gonna be a quick post, but please enjoy!

First of all, last week’s fun poll, which was focused on aviation, was more popular than the Elle Everyday Survey! I’ll reveal some highlights of the results here, with the survey. First, 3/5 of the respondents have piloted an airplane of some sort in the past. Second, the average rating of planes in general was 8.40 out of 10. And lastly, 4/5 of our respondents preferred being a missionary pilot over any other type of pilot.

Second, I’d like to share our all-new fun weekly poll, this time focused on Music!  You can check it out here. Have fun with our poll!

Lastly, this is Elle Everyday’s 100th post!!!!

See y’all Monday! Adios from Elle Everyday!


2 thoughts on “100th Post: Survey Results + New Weekly Survey

  1. Hey Elle, its Kate. I just wanted to say that I havent heard of any of the artists you mention. I would fill out the survey, but I wouldnt know what to say!

    You should do a post with some of your favorite songs!


    1. Hey Kate! You can take the survey even if you don’t know the artists 😉 You can skip the questions if you want, or you can go look up the four artists: Steven Curtis Chapman, Lecrae, Hollyn, and Francesca Battistelli – and their songs – then take the survey 🙂 But now the results aren’t being recorded, so you can take the latest survey or even this one if you want, I just won’t post the response. Elle


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