Nothing Much ;-)

Hey y’all! I don’t think I have anything planned today, so I’ll just post now rather than the late night post you’re used to.

Thanks to the hike, I’ve decided to exercise more often (like yesterday, instead reading another chapter of one of my favorite books, I took a little walk) and try to stay away from sweets and opt for salads (I don’t yet have an example of this) instead. So thanks, hiking friend (you know who you are)!

I’ve also decided I’ll give you survey results sneak peeks every Saturday along with the weekly poll. For example, this weekend I’ll give you our weekly poll, along with the aviation poll results.

And in my excitement about these polls, I have created three polls, including this Saturday’s. So I can’t wait to start releasing them!

Not much else to talk about, as I warned you in the title, so I will see y’all tomorrow unless I randomly decide to post again today!


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