Cybersecurity, Drones, and Lunch in the Park


How’s it going? I know I’m really excited for Nica or South Dakota coming soon! I’ll definitely miss all of my friends, but God’s call is too strong to ignore. We’d love for you to join us there sometime to work with us! The house probate thingie should be done in less than a month, and shortly after, we should be off.

I had a great day today! I used to be involved with NGHE, North Georgia Homeschool Enrichment, last semester, and Lord willing, will be there next semester. You can look it up here. Definitely highly recommended from me! I was unfortunately not able to be there this semester because of mission work, although missions takes a definite priority. My favorite NGHE teacher, who was my aviation teacher, invited me to sit in on her two classes she’s teaching this semester, after which we’d have lunch, then to the park for her and my mom to talk and I would exercise and read. The plan worked, and I had an awesome time studying cybersecurity and drones in the hours before lunch and the park.

Special Thanks:

-My aviation teacher; you know who you are 🙂

-All who have answered our recent aviation poll!


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