Wanna Hike? (Also: Fun Weekly Poll)

Hey y’all! So after reading the results again, people were saying that I need to post everyday. So here’s my daily post!

1 – I’m thinking our fun weekly poll needs to be on Saturdays, so our aviation themed poll will be published in this post! It can be found here. Hope you enjoy, and be watching for more awesome polls every Saturday, and great content every day, providing there’s Internet and time for me to post.

2 – I had a fun but very tiring day today. So, my friend, his mom, his grandma, my mom, my dad, and myself all went to Amicalola Falls in Dawsonville, GA today. My friend and I spent most of our time out on a strenuous hike with his map and my compass, starting with a staircase where each step is best described as a glorified grate you would see in the street to drain water, no, take that back, it wasn’t glorified, and the stairs lasted as far as the eye could see. It was 425 steps, more steps than the stairs to the crown of the Statue of Liberty. This is what it starts with. After descending this phenomenon now officially dubbed “Strenuous Staircase” by me, we traversed our way through woodsy trails for quite a while, enduring some steep zones as well. It was a little over a mile, but it sure seemed longer. I think it was because we took it at a more leisurely pace, and the staircase didn’t help anything. So after navigating our way through this rainforest-like deciduous zone for maybe 2 hours at a somewhat relaxed, but still steady, pace, we ended up back at the infamous staircase. Except this time there was an extra staircase that is 175 steps long to get to the big staircase. This smaller staircase was really easy, and soon we were at the base of the longer staircase. Only 425 steps and about 10 minutes after that and we would be on the porch with our parents and water. I hadn’t minded the staircase thus far… until I started my ascent. My heart rate was close to not good things, but I kept going until I took a break to answer a couple texts from our parents. The break was much appreciated. I think I would’ve been a little better about the hike had we each brought two bottles of water. Because we were done with our water at the halfway point. I don’t think the staircase would’ve been as bad with sufficient water. We were both hungry and thirsty, but the signs illustrating “you only have 300 more steps” kept us (my friend) a little more motivated. And slightly discouraged (me). I made it to the top without getting sick, granted, I was a little nauseated, while my friend made it no problem, with enough energy in the tank to descend and re-ascend the stairs. Or at least that’s what he made it look like 😉  I blame my weariness on the lack of water. But we really did have a great time! We also had some photography contests (which I’m pretty sure I won 🙂 ), some soup, salad and dessert in their restaurant at the place, and we made some memories, too! Memory #1: My legs feel like cooked noodles. Or Jello. Or whatever. You get the point. Anyways, we had a great time and tons of fun, nauseated or not 😉 But really, that place is great and highly recommended by me. Just bring water. And snacks. And gum. And a trail map. And a compass. And deodorant. And NEVER UNDERESTIMATE STAIRS (sorry to yell!) A big thank you to my friend and his family!

3 – I and my legs are tired, so I will retire my blog writing for the night. Have a great night and don’t forget: take the aviation quiz today! (& hike the trail tomorrow and comment on my blog saying how it went) See you Monday! 🙂


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