Survey Results Sneak Peek

Hey y’all! So far, my survey results indicate I need to write more frequently and improve my graphics, which I will definitely work on, but I’m doing great on mission trip logs and the name Elle Everyday has a positive review. To input your opinion, please click here! Even if you have already taken the survey, I greatly encourage you to continue to respond as you see improvements or declines. I love to hear from my viewers and improve afterward. I can hardly wait to publish my new Weekly Elle Everyday Poll!!! I’ll publish it tomorrow or Monday for you to take, after which a new fun poll will be published on Elle Everyday every week. I’m hoping this great new addition will boost views and reader satisfaction. Stay tuned, and don’t forget: if you would like to follow Elle Everyday but don’t own a WordPress account (which is free), you can go to the menu button on the upper right hand corner on the home page and head to the bottom of the options to “email follow,” which will allow you to receive an email for every post I make without touching a WordPress account. Thanks and see ya later!


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