Monday at Camp

Hello everyone! How are you? I’m sorry I haven’t blogged lately. I wanted to tell y’all a little bit more about camp in Ohio!

So, we arrived there Monday morning and we weren’t too sure about it because they were blasting music and there was no one there we knew and I had never been there before. We were a little skeptical until we saw a shirt that said “Iris Ministries.” This ministry is amazing, so we immediately got up and went to talk to them. The girl who was wearing it was part of the equine camp going on at same time as my aviation camp. This was the final sign we needed for me to stay.

So I did! The girl with the shirt was named Aisy, and we found out she and her family are spirit-filled strong Christians. So, I followed her to the “Ranch House”, which would be our cabin. Now, the Ranch House was far away from a cabin. It was a very old house that looked like it was from the 30’s. There were some upsides, though. Unlike everyone else, Ranch House inhabitants had A/C and heaters, along with a little more privacy and more space to explore, as the others had cabins to sleep in.

However, although it may seem nice to be in a house, no, we did not have bathrooms. We had to do the same walk to the bathhouse everyone else did. But it was worth it for the comforts of (a 1930’s) home. This house had odd nooks and crannies, along with many interesting features. Some of these included a servant staircase, oddly shaped rooms beside and in back of the fireplace, and some (very old and dated) vintage furniture!

So, Aisy and I got settled in in our opposite rooms and met some roommates. Then, we went and met our brother cabins, who would be our fellow aviation campers and teammates for the next 6 days. Total, there were 19 aviation campers, both boys and girls. We went into the Dining Hall and had lunch, after which we hopped into two buses and hit the road for Coshocton County Airport.

We got to know each other a little bit on the bus before reaching the airport after a 45-60 minute drive. We were taken out to the Brigade Air planes on the ramp and split up into two groups, one of boys and one of girls. We did a full precheck on our planes, and then were asked who wanted to fly first. I eagerly raised my hand, along with another girl named Kate. Everyone else was sent back up under the little tin roof that marked the zone a “porch.” This is where we would spend most of our days at camp.

So, Kate and I were asked which of us wanted to fly first. I eagerly raised my hand once again, and became the first (and youngest, as everyone else was 14+) girl to fly at a Brigade Air camp in Ohio in 2016. I did ask if I could land, but I couldn’t. My pilot said I could later.

Then, after I came back to the airport, I sat at the porch with my teammates and played some get to know you games and before too long, everyone had gone up for at least a backseat ride.

So, then, we hopped back in the buses and went back to camp, where we ate dinner, went to chapel, played our night game of the day, and then went to bed at around 11 or 12. <yawn>

I will cover the rest of the week tomorrow, so see y’all then!


2 thoughts on “Monday at Camp

  1. Yup. There were some long days. I think the first day we were in bed a little *after* midnight but that was because JoJo was telling her testimony or something else special. 🙂


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