Busy and Fun Week!

Hello friends!

I have had a wonderful (jam-packed) week!

Monday: I got glasses!! :-)))

Tuesday: I went to the aquatic center with a friend 😀 😀 ! and got a tetanus shot 😦 and watched the International Space Station fly right above my house!!!!! 😀

Wednesday: I went to church 😀 and missed the International Space Station fly-over :-((

Thursday: We had a meeting with our missions pastor and prayed together 🙂 and my aviation teacher’s website came out : www.learnaero.space !!!! 😀 Y’all should totally check it out!

Friday: I went to Atlanta Fest with my teacher!!! :-))) and my dad quit work so we can get on the mission field !!!! :-))


We are leaving for Ohio (for camp) tomorrow!!!! I’ll try to keep y’all updated. 🙂


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