Nicaragua Trip Remainder

Whew! It’s been so long since I’ve blogged, so I want to catch y’all up!

So, the day we left Matagalpa, we had arranged to go to the church’s feeding center. Everything was all planned out in  a nice agenda. But then, we all woke up that day with a nasty feeling. We knew that obligations weren’t for us. We also had wondered in the back of our minds what we would do with the rest of the “His Word” shirts (  that we had brought.

So, we came up with a killer idea. We would drop by the church and I would play “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United for the kids at the feeding as was prearranged. Then, we would drop off the shirts at that precious prayer group in Solingalpa that we had run around the hills with as God had instructed us. We would then return to the church in time to pick up Pastor Jairo and his wife Nohemy to make a quick lunch trip with them. Then, we would look at properties around the area owned by some of Omar (the hostel owner)’s relatives. As soon as we were done, we would make our way to Managua alone and drop off the truck. We would then go to a hotel nearby to spend the night. This worked without a hitch.

Before we made to Solingalpa, we had to have a Spanish-speaker and someone who could kind of help in getting our ideas across in Spanish. This turned out to be Pedro, a wonderful worker in the church there. In fact, in Solingalpa, where we dropped off the shirts, Evelyn (our host for the prayer meeting, leader of the new ministry, and the owner of the house we had just gone to)’s husband was almost saved, but we couldn’t get him to this point with our limited Spanish. However, between my Spanish and Pedro’s English we managed to get several concepts across. Evelyn’s brother-in-law was touched mightily as well. We left them after prayer for Evelyn, her husband, his brother, Evelyn’s son, and her niece.

We made our way back to Matagalpa to drop Pedro off and pick up Pastor Jairo and Nohemy. We took them out, along with Milton and Becker, Milton’s brother. After a yummy lunch at Oasis buffet, we went back to drop off Jim on a street somewhere to buy a new backpack, pick up Omar’s uncle, who was to share his property with us, drop off Pastor Jairo and Nohemy, pick Jim back up, and drop off Milton and Becker. Finally the five of us remaining (My mom, my dad, Jim, Omar’s uncle Mauricio, and myself) made our way up into the mountains to view his property. We then thought it was not necessarily ideal, but it is growing on us. I would like to build a Rescue Ranch for people. I kind of have it all planned out, but it’s not official, so please don’t spread anything. It’s just kind of a home to take in everyone who needs help until they get themselves back on their feet.

So, afterwards, we dropped Mauricio back off and said bye and loaded up our luggage into the back of our rental truck. Yes, we drove the two hours to Managua alone. No, we didn’t have anything or anybody in the back to secure it. Yes, we prayed for about 15 minutes before we were okay leaving it back there. Even then, we rolled down the windows in bad areas and looked out of the truck intently so as to scare away people. However, I have a feeling it wasn’t our menacing looks that scared away people. It was God and his miraculous false bottom of the truck.

As soon as we arrived in Managua, we checked in at Hotel Camino Real, a nice hotel which is the most decent hotel there and we had a discount. I was having culture shock.

As my dad and Jim made their way to the airport to drop off the truck and take the hotel shuttle back. Meanwhile, I took advantage of the pool. I think we stayed at the pool until after ten. Then, Mama went to bed while the rest of us ate.

Early the next morning, we bustled out of bed and made our way to the airport hurriedly. We quickly went right into the airport and began to check in. We made our way through security, and finally, boarded the flight. We were separated, as usual, but it was a safe and smooth flight.

Then, we were home at 1 P.M. Sunday! And the rest is history!


P.S. Jim is scheduled to land right around now because of his numerous delayed, canceled, and missed flights.


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