Nicaragua Recap

Hola mis amigos!

God has been good today, 5/12. We ate a breakfast of yogurt, and then we set out to Hands of Grace International, a ministry of Rosemary and Harvey Baxter, in Solingalpa, a neighborhood about 5-10 mins from where we are staying. On the way there, we thought we had made a “wrong turn,” which we made several times before we arrived. At this “wrong turn,” we met a lady named Evelyn who readily invited us to her home at 2 0’clock in the afternoon for a prayer time to start their new ministry. We quickly accepted the offer and made our way back to Hands of Grace after a bit of city geography practice.

I played ukulele for the kids who were eating lunch at their feeding center. We ate native foods and talked about Jesus with the Baxters. The way we know the Baxters is through good friends of ours from Ohio. After having a wonderful time at the Baxters’, we made our way to Evelyn’s house, where God showed up. There was much praying and repentance and shouting and crying and laughing. Then, all the people who had gathered at this house wanted to go from house to house praying. They prayed for us and then we set out. My parents rode in the front along with some of the smallest children and women, including a pregnant woman also named Dori along with my mom.

We went to many, many houses but I just wanted to give you some highlights.

At one home, there was a man with some arm and back problems who was completely healed. Then, as we were walking down the street and we prayed for a man who was saved on the spot, I felt we were to continue down the trail we were already on instead of going back the way we came as everybody was. So I went with my dad down the trail beside a cliff which led into a beautiful valley. We made it to the back door of a house and greeted the owner with an hola. We carried on the basic greeting conversation that our broken Spanish can manage to do. Then we quickly called Erwin over and asked if we could pray with them. The adult daughter was Catholic or Christian, we don’t know, but when we asked the man if he believed in Jesus, he said no. We talked to him, and he eventually ended up saved. Then, he let us through his front gate to go out on the street there, which is where we prayed for most of the day. It was only because we obeyed and went that direction that we were able to pray for those people.

When we dropped off one of the people who had come with us from the prayer meeting, we entered her house. Her husband had a cast on because he had broken his ankle. We prayed for it three times before he jumped up and down with healing and joy. Then, we were directed to her dad, who had some back problems. We prayed for him and the pain was lessened. Then, it hit us that his legs were uneven. So, when Jim, my dad, and myself, prayed for him, in order, his legs were completely healed!

Miracles like this continued all day, until we decided that we would go to the church to see the pastor’s wife Nohemy and everyone else there. We arrived just as they were getting out at about 9. Then, we went, just the five of us (My dad, my mom, Jim, Erwin, and I), to Taquero, a very good Mexican restaurant.

Then, we went to drop off Erwin at his home, then returned to the hostel to quickly fall asleep. Adios!


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