Many Salvations…

This morning, we went downstairs and while I blogged, everybody ate, and we got ready to leave for the nutrition center. When we arrived, we began to hand out old baby supplies of mine. When all the supplies were given to the center, we began to really love on the children. One boy, who was saved last time we were there, was in there again but still joyful. I don’t know if any of you who have read my last trip’s posts remember the story of Isaura, but if you don’t, or if you have not read my posts from that trip, please go back and find out who Isaura is.

We were able to bless the nutrition center a lot before we left to see the surrounding communities and do a bit of sightseeing. This was fun, and we prayed for about five people all along the way. Remember, I hadn’t had food for nearly 18 hours. So, we went to the church to pick up some native friends and we set out for a restaurant outside of Jinotega. We had tortillas, their native version of sour cream, this cool solid goat cheese-like stuff, some beans with much water, and scrambled eggs. The tortillas are bigger than the plates, and the meal is traditionally eaten by tearing off small pieces of the tortilla and making these small pieces into mini burritos, stuffed with the other ingredients. It is a wonderful meal.

After this, we went to a house where 14 families met for a small group/Bible study/community. Many of the 40+ children were saved on the spot. We saw some of their homes and went into a very large greenhouse where they grow flowers to sell to florists. We were quickly given bouquets by the precious children and their mothers. After this heart-warming time, we made our way to the church, where all the attending children were prayed for, even with a blackout occuring, as Fridays are children’s nights.

We went to a small cafe where I chose not to eat but instead watch my parents and Jim. I probably passed up on it for good reason. The beef I did try was good, but I wanted some yogurt anyways. So, after our (very interesting in many ways) dinner, we went to a supermarket to buy yogurt and water and such. Then, we came back “home,” ate, and that brings us to now!

I will tell you when we are home safely. (Provided I remember) We leave Matagalpa tomorrow! :’-(



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