Nicaragua Morning Cultural Culinary Lesson 2.0

Hello! The blackout is over now, so I have just published yesterday’s post now, and I will complete the part I had not completed yesterday due to lack of sleep and light.

So, after our coffee and smoothie break, we made our way to the church for a service, where we listened to the Spanish service and my dad was asked to give a short message, which he did. Afterward, we prayed for sick and needy people.

Then, we went to La Estrella, a small supermarket. We got cookies, yogurt drinks, and Pringles for Erwin. Then Erwin managed to persuade us to buy a package of these little balls that we expected to be like mini cinnamon rolls or something. We were wrong.

We each grabbed one. I took a half-bite, and because I expected it to be good, it was good. For about a millisecond. It tasted like fermented cheese, mixed with toe jam, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a tiny bit of dry bread. It was the driest, most hideous thing I have ever tried. It was so dry. And it’s taste was enough to make you gag. Jim took one whiff and gave it to a beggar girl. My dad spit his half out and gave the other half to the same beggar girl. And Erwin… Well, he liked them. We gave him the whole bag. He ate about nine of them on his way home. BLECH!

At home (the hostel), there was a blackout as soon as we made it to our rooms. With the help of several phones and my backpack flashlight, we made our way to our rooms. There was one downside. I had to take a shower.

So, guess what! The water wasn’t cold! You know what?!? It was frigid. I never would’ve guessed I was in a tropical country. I felt like I was in Antarctica. When it came time for me to rinse the product out of my hair, I braced myself and said I would win a million bucks if I were to do it. So I did. I shivered the whole time. I do not want to repeat this ever again.

Then I finally fell asleep. And I woke up, as the cycle usually goes. When I woke up, I began to blog. That brings us to now. In that case, I shall say farewell.



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