Blackout Blogging

Hey everyone! We are in the middle of a blackout right now (5/11/16 at 10:36 P.M.), so I cannot publish or save this post as there is no Internet. When this is finally published, the blackout will be over and I may have another post to make by then.

So, this morning Mama was still on Eastern Time, two hours away from the current time. This meant that I was awakened only a couple hours after I had fallen asleep, exhausted. Jim took note of this time mistake, but wisely did not start anything over it. Because of this, we arrived at the church two hours early.

When we arrived at the church as planned, we were all quickly put to work helping some way or another. We delivered to them their precious new kitchen belongings: two griddles and a blender, which were  quickly tested and put to use. Meanwhile, the preschool was very busy with a birthday & the men (Pastor Jairo, Milton, and several church men, along with my dad and Jim) made their way onto the roof. After this morning time, we ate several nibbles of birthday cake and such for “lunch.”  After, we prayed individually with a Nicaraguan man we have known for a while. This took up all afternoon, when we headed out to a buffet for dinner. Before dinner, we met up with our old interpreter Erwin (see past posts.) After, we hit the streets praying for people. God showed up in many ways. I would be more specific but I am tired and it is hard to type accurately in the dark.

Then, we made our way over to the coffee shop nearby to pick up some coffees and smoothies and came  back to the hostel. I will tell more in a day or so. Bye!


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