Moving Still…

Whew! So much has happened since the last time I blogged. So, we had an FHA appraiser look at the house and he landed at 270,000, while we had agreed in the contract to 280,000. We are looking at financing the loan for them if they agree. That way, we could have a steady 30 year income. However, with all the bad economics forecasts, we think that may not be the best idea. Please pray!

Our friend who had agreed to come with us is no longer coming. We would really like him to come, because he wasn’t able to come last trip although he wanted to.

I went to the doctor for my wrist and toe. The doctor “shaved” (Translation: “sawed”) the top part of the wart/corn thing off my toe with this little knife until it bled, then put subzero temperatures concentrated on it to kill it. For the sawing session, it appeared I was in surgery.

For my wrist, she said she was going to put some topical anti-inflammation prescription cream on it, (which worked), and she may give me a brace and X-ray depending on how it heals.

Well, I want to spend the majority of my lunch outside on the porch with a book, so I must say so long, farewell, aufwiedersehen, adieu. (Do you realize how many ways I tried to spell adieu before I looked it up?)


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