Problems and Solutions

Hello y’all! Not much to talk about. We have two people interested in our house and we haven’t even listed with the realtor yet. Please be praying for guidance. Today we must clean the house as best as we can so we can begin showing the house soon. We are excited!

Lately, my motto song has been Eye On It by Tobymac. That and its entire album. It’s awesome!! I love the motivation of the song and the other songs on its album.

Whoohoo!!! God is doing something REALLY big. None of us can even grasp the general idea of this thing.

ONLY TWO WEEKS UNTIL GOD’S NOT DEAD 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry. I’m like really super excited if you can’t already tell.

Also, I accidentally tore up my finger with a razor, my wrist hurts a lot and it can’t go backwards as far as it should, I have this corn/wart/weird thingie on my toe which puts me in great pain whenever there’s pressure on it, not to mention the weird shape it makes my toe, and lastly, I fell off my bike a couple weeks ago, which led to scrapes and bruises and scabs all over my knees. I hurt.

But I have a solution. I’ll pop my wrist, keep playing with my torn-up-finger-bandaid (which is also torn up thanks to me), ignore my knees (which don’t hurt anymore YAY), and SAW THIS CORN/WART/WEIRD THINGIE OFF MY TOE. Someone please give me a butcher knife and anesthesia.

I’m out.


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