I’m Thrilled Again

Hello everyone! There isn’t much to blog about, other than the fact that I’M REALLY EXCITED! You may ask why.

First of all, we are going to go back to Nicaragua immediately. We would like to go on Resurrection Day weekend, so as to miss the Easter fuss. Click this link to find out more. This is not a promise, however, just a hope. Still, please be in prayer for us so we can know what God has for us.

Secondly, the old house we just moved out of is really coming along. Everything is falling into place!

Third, I found a bunch of mission aviation camps and resources! They’re really neat! If you’re interested in getting a link to a summer camp focused on mission aviation, please comment.

Lastly, I’m THRILLED about God’s Not Dead 2 coming out April 1st!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out! www.godsnotdead.com

See ya!


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