Busy Moving Time!

Hello everyone! We came back so pumped up from Nicaragua that the next day we decided we were going to move in a week. We are now safely moved with our piano and secretary over here as well as the rest of our stuff. Our house is for sale by owner right now, but we have a cheap realtor picked out.

We go back to our old house 3-5 times a week now and fix everything and clean everything and supervise the workers. We have a painter whom with we worked 7 years ago, as well as roofers who are replacing our roof. We are also having carpeters coming, as well as people to refinish our hardwood floors.

Meanwhile, I have been more busy than ever before on random things. I have been in 5 classes in my homeschool enrichment program, including ukulele, mobile app development, improv, aviation science, and cooking. I like to cook a lot at home, as well as practice ukulele a lot.

For my mobile app development class, I enjoy to program, but a lot of time I find that I don’t have enough time. The program we use is kind of hard, although it’s one of the easiest in the field. Improv has no homework, and aviation normally doesn’t. Otherwise, I still try to blog and of course, do school. You can tell why I don’t do sports.

So, I am sorry for not being here much. You can tell I am busy, especially with the move. I will be doing my best to talk to you often, but I cannot promise. Thanks for understanding!


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