Another Update!

Hello everyone! I would like to finish the stories of 2/16/16, and maybe fit in some of last week. 🙂

So, after lunch on 2/16/16, we set back out to the villages. There were many things we were able to see in the beautiful countryside of Matagalpa and the surrounding areas. We then began the trek up and down thin, steep trails that only a mountain goat can traverse. It’s by the protection and grace of God we’re all still here.

So, we went to pray for this woman who had an epilepsy diagnosis. We prayed for her and she was slain in the Spirit. We also talked with and prayed for her children.

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After visiting this precious woman, we set out again on the trails. My parents then proceeded to pray for a woman who was standing outside her home. I was not part of this ministry opportunity, so I cannot tell you much about it. I can, however, give you pictures.

After this, we visited Jacqueline (our helper)’s grandma and some others whom we had met at church.


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After this visit, we walked down the hill to an elderly lady’s home where she said that she wished that she could be better from her debilitating disease so that she could go to church. It is because of this that she listens for the church services each night, and from her perch on top of the hill, she is able to hear the loud music. I no longer dread the loudness of the services. She said that she wanted to hear some worship music. My mom offered to play some Spanish worship music from her phone. I instead suggested that Sochil, Erica, Jacqueline, and Karen sing together. The woman said she wanted the girls to sing. They did this, and soon Pastor Jairo’s golden voice joined with their silken ones. We all worshipped and then prayed for her. We then handed her her bag of food.

We then went to a man’s home. It was perched on a VERY steep driveway with nothing to hold on to. This driveway was attached to a very steep road, emphasizing the fact that Matagalpa is a bowl.

When we finally made it up the steep slope, which was quite a feat, we sat on the man’s porch for a little talking with him. After this, we went into his house and prayed for him. He really got touched by the Spirit.

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We all were beginning to think of warm covers, but apparently Pastor Jairo had different plans. We went down closer to the church and visited a woman there and her daughter. My parents did a mini inner healing and deliverance session for her right then and there. She really needed it and it did produce a lot of freedom in this woman’s life.


Next, we went to Jacqueline’s house, where her parents, her ten or so siblings, and she lived. We were invited into their home, which was a one room house. The house was split in half with a sheer curtain. The front had a crib and several toys and posters in it. If I’m remembering right, there was maybe a plastic chair in there. On the other side of the curtain, you could see bed after bed after bed. We prayed for this precious and humble family and then gave them a bag of food.


After this, we dropped Jacqueline off with her parents and made our way to the church, where we soon found out that the service had just recently ended. 🙂 So, we dropped the rest of the girls off where they belonged and made our way back to the hostel. Then, an exhausted Lovett Family wearily collapsed into bed. Well, I’m finally done with last Tuesday!:-) I’ll do my best to catch up on the rest of last week, which should take less time. Adios y buenos noches!


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