Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jog

Hello everyone! I am nearly a week behind on updates on the trip, but I am still rejoicing in Jesus. We got back last Friday safely. Meanwhile, we have been having fun preparing to move north. More info coming later! I want to finish the memories of our most wonderful trip before tales of home and here.

So, I think we made it to the long, smoky house last Tuesday. So, after we prayed for the lady with the fever who was healed, (see last blog) my parents went into a separate room to pray for a teenage boy with Daniel while I went into the main room again to pray for the older man and older woman of the house with the rest of our team, all Nicaraguans who spoke no English. I watched as Pastor Jairo prayed for the man and woman in Spanish and the girls sang wonderfully in Spanish. It was an amazing experience of what the Nicaraguans do in prayer with no American influence. Soon after, my parents came in and began to pray as well.

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Before I continue, I want to tell you one of the things I most enjoyed about this trip. It was the fact that my family went without anyone else and experienced a new thing; a huge adventure. It was amazing with a team, don’t get me wrong. We experienced amazing unity and power on the first trip, and we met new people and grew closer to old friends on the larger second trip. But this was special.

We didn’t have a schedule, it’s just us, we didn’t have an interpreter, and we were driving a car there for a first time. Now there’s no sugar coating on the life of a missionary. Some things are just better without sugar. Of course, we missed everyone and wished they would be there. But a small family team that steps out into the unknown is something that can’t be known without experience.

One example of what an impact this trip had on me is the fact that at the long, smoky house, I found myself thinking, “These people are rich,” simply because they had some chickens and some malnourished dogs and a relatively large house.

So, after this house, we made our way to another house way up there on the hills above Matagalpa. We said hola to a sweet older couple and stepped over some rocks and dogs to the back of their property. The woman fumbled with the lock to a yellow door which guarded a shed-like wooden building. We stepped inside after her to find a mini-church, complete with a pulpit. They explained that the church in town was too far away for them to attend, so they built a church building which the whole family attended. We had the privilege of praying a blessing over them and their home.

After this, we decided that lunch would be a good idea. At 2 or 3 o’clock, everyone else was happy to agree. We quickly set out back down the hill and across windy roads and arrived back in downtown Matagalpa and in Oasis restaurant. We had been here before, although we hadn’t recognized the name. I loaded up my plate with rice, beans, and plantains, along with some meat.


After the enjoyment of sharing a meal with our fellow brothers and sisters and Christ, we set back out. More info later! My eyes are computer tired. 🙂



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