Nicaragua Trip Update

Hello everyone! I wanted to catch you up on our trip as much as possible before bed tonight. 🙂

Yesterday morning, as my dad was praying he had a vision. He saw a man in a green shirt. Later, as we all were sitting downstairs, a man walked into our hostel and spoke in Spanish to the owners. The owners turned to us and said, “This is your interpreter.” It wasn’t until later that we realized this man was wearing a shirt that said California. That is where my mom is from. But that isn’t the big milagro. Our translator’s shirt was green.

Erwin (our translator) is wonderful. He is a native Nicaraguan that knows his way around Matagalpa and understands customs. While this is important, it’s not the priority. The priority is that we have a Christian, spirit-filled translator that understands what we preach. And this is exactly what we got. Erwin has been a Christian for 2 years and is a very strong Christian.

After this, we made our way to the Iglesia Espiritu Santo for a feeding. We made our way through the beautiful one-room preschool, which serves children and teens of all ages. We made our way out the back of the preschool to a small building out the back. This building is the kitchen.

We all three helped make authentic enchiladas. We used a corn dough and formed it into discs. We then patted it in a certain rhythm until it was a thick disc about five inches across. We scooped in a mixture of rice, soy, onions, peppers, and seasonings and flipped over the circular paper we were preparing the enchiladas on. This formed the enchiladas into a taco form. We then smoothly massaged the enchiladas until they were completely adhered to themselves. We then fried them in the bottom of a large pot.

We went back into the church at that time and played games with the kids and shared Jesus with them. We then went back into the kitchen and scooped rice into each of the kids’ bowls, followed by a taco-shaped fried authentic enchilada, followed by a good serving of coleslaw. A good squirt of a ketchup-sour cream sauce was then applied.

Behind this kitchen building is a steep cliff of dirt that goes up for about 20+ feet. They are going to use this space to build a two-story extension to the church. Pastor Jairo said God gave him the plans for the building.20160213_122208

After this, we had lunch with Pastor Jairo. I must catch up on sleep now. I will try to blog tomorrow morning so that I can describe yesterday afternoon and maybe this morning. Thank you for staying updated and prayerful! All of our prayer requests are below.


Prayer Requests:

  • Reconciliation between local and foreign ministers
  • The right words
  • That we will have enough sleep
  • Anything else you feel led to



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