Nicaragua Trip Update

Buenos dias! I wanted to tell you some stories about day before yesterday, after which I’ll complete yesterday to the fullest I can. Below, I have a slideshow of two pictures I have taken so far. More of these will hopefully come.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In the afternoon, we mostly relaxed and I researched for some sermon notes. That night, I was able to speak at Pastor Jairo’s church about fear. I loved it, and I led people through telling fear to go and then my dad invited them to come to the altar. It was really fun. I was also able to pray for many people.

Since there’s not much to tell you all here about day before yesterday, I’ll tell you about yesterday morning. Yesterday morning, we went to church to help Sunday school for the kids. Here, they sang songs, played games, and listened to the teacher teach them about seeds of God. No one here has church on Sunday morning, however. They all, even the Protestant churches, follow the Catholic lead of afternoon services. Well, anyways, I’ll catch you up yesterday later today. 🙂


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