Nicaragua Trip Update

Hello everyone! I am behind in my updates, but I did want to catch you up briefly on yesterday. I’ll probably only get to the morning of yesterday, but at least you’ll get a bit of information.

I want to tell you a story from our last trip to preface this post. We went to a small poor village not too far away to hand out rice and beans and pray for people. My parents went with another man to a hut and I went to another with some other volunteers. While in the hut, my parents talked to a girl whom had just witnessed her father’s murder several days before. Her arms were curled up against her body, she wouldn’t talk, and she was in absolute shock.

That night, we saw the girl at church, and to make the story short, she was rubbing her arms outstretched. My mom did not realize that her arms were outstretched and she gave the girl an inexpensive silver ring. She also prayed for her. Later, my mom realized what the girl had meant. I had better get back to this trip, however.

So yesterday, we wandered out around Matagalpa and we saw a girl in her teens or early twenties. My dad said, “In the name of Jesus”, and she spun around and began to talk very quickly in Spanish. She said the name of the church that we are serving at and we confirmed that she had been there. After a good series of hugs, we realized who the girl was.

The girl we had seen in the streets of Downtown Matagalpa was the same girl that we visited in the village. She was talking, walking along the street, and fully using her arms. It was miraculous. More stories coming later! Gotta go to church. I’ll tell you more about yesterday morning tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for staying updated and praying for us!


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