Of Big Exams, Humongous Things, and the Atmosphere

Hello, hello!

I feel like God is about to do some mighty things, if only believers will let Him. True believers will be stretched to their limits! God is on the verge of doing something, I can feel it in the atmosphere. People who believe that God can do something can feel it. Believe and your heart’s cry will be answered! Just have the faith and you will feel that God is about to something big among His church – His real church. Not the phonies, the REAL church. Have faith, my friends! God is a powerful person, and He is about to do something humongous!

I am on my break, and I am about to take a mid-semester science test! Then, I will be done with the semester and this week’s obligations. I’m very excited to be on track again with my new schedule!

I hope to be done with school by May, or even earlier, which I doubt. I really would like to leave for Mozambique in June to attend the Harvest School there put on by Heidi Baker. YAY!!!!!

I’ll keep you in the loop on what God is doing. I have some new revelations I hope to put in my third book, which is in planning. I also hope to have a book toward unbelievers out soon.

It’s 9:30, and I must go back to school, but I hope this message found you ready to experience more of God!


Your favorite blogger, Elle.


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