Of Pagan Traditions, Sprinkles, and Pendulums

I’m doing a wonderful job of school today! I am almost finished with an assignment, and I feel I am doing very well. We are nearing the big move! We are also nearing Christmas, the so-called Christian holiday with plenty of pagan sprinkles on top. And yes, I am aware that I just offended you. And no, I will not approve any hate comments. Look it up.

I love my new time clock system, which is quite fun once you get in the swing. The swing of the clock pendulum. That’s cheesy. And I’m proud of being me, rather you call that cheesy or not.

I’m kind of punchy today, aren’t I?

I need to get going on English, so please accept my apologies and jokes and my <marketing ploy> wonderful book! It’s on sale now for ONLY $79.99!!! No need to freak out, I’m kidding.



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