Long and Sweet

Hello everyone! Today I am back for a much longer and more entertaining post than my “short and sweet” post of yesterday’s.

So, I am working on cover ideas for my  book, Endless Passion, which I have given away in both e-book and print book forms. I am working on publication. I am expecting to submit a book proposal to a Christian publisher today or another day this week. Please be praying for divine appointments, favor, and wisdom and guidance. Thank you for your support and prayers. Please pre-order some copies here! My free offer will end soon, so please order now!

Meanwhile, I am on a new school day schedule that differs from my old schedule. It minimizes my school day length, boosts break time, incorporates my elective in the mix, and is VERY motivating. I also have a new school year schedule which minimizes the Estimated Time of Completion and also lessens my assignment load for the day.

I have gotten a lot accomplished today as for school, and I feel much more productive with my new schedule! 🙂

I must be going on a walk now, so please excuse me. Bye!



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