Low Tires, Long Walks, and Early Mornings (yawn)

I have accompanied my dad to work again, as I do every Monday. I gave myself a ten or fifteen minute break to refresh the mind from school all the time. I got a couple assignments turned in today, so that’s good. I have also given several copies of my booklet to people we know at work.

Last night, as we were coming home from a Christmas party, our car’s tires were low. We just barely made it to a gas station, where we filled up the air. Continuing, the headlights became really dim and the low battery light came on. As we were driving along, the alternator went out while the battery was still low, which is not good. We just barely made it home before first the steering, then the brakes, and finally the whole car died. The whole thing STANK!

I’m really tired, but kind of motivated. I got to walk a couple miles around Delta, and I did good on the assignments. Also, many people have accepted the gift of the booklet I just printed. I hope it will reach many people; many more people than it has so far. I hope that people will turn out to request it. 🙂

I would be honored if you would be an advocate in this process. Just comment here and let me know!

Thanks so much for listening!



6 thoughts on “Low Tires, Long Walks, and Early Mornings (yawn)

  1. Ms. Tracy

    Hello precious one! I have been enjoying your blog! I check my email with anticipation that there will be another post for me to enjoy each day.
    I would love! love! a copy of your brochure. Not sure the best way for me to get it from you but set one aside for me.


    1. Awesome! I’m glad you like the blog. I’d love to send you a booklet! Can I mail you one? We have your address. 🙂 I can also email the booklet to you. I have it in both digital and print forms. Whichever way works for you! Let me know, and I’ll get that off to you.


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